My Favorite Spring Smell

Simple, hardy and fragrant - in only 2 colours purple or white.  They are perfect.   I look forward to the small tree in my backyard and the larger ones I find along the way blooming every year. 

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4 Responses May 15, 2008

Vwry cool. To me, Lilacs are the smell of spring. We had several nice bushes on the farm where I grew up. That smell always meant the end of winter.

thanks for the tip about peonies - I'm working on a sensory garden for my daughter and I want as many different scents as possible

Lilacs are great and peonies although they las for such a short period. A great smelling sensation.

The smell of lilacs is wonderful---walk out your day and just take in the scent of them! It's a nice pick me up for any day!