Whiff of Inspiration

Deep in thought, I am thinking and thinking at my desk. Thinking of ways my problem can be solved: How can I get around this?! Whats the best approach? Why cant I figure this out? Why is it taking me so long to find a solution?

Anxiety has a way of wrapping its claws around my head, through my hair, and into my skull. Its voice is echoing in my head over and over .... Without realizing it, I am in my usual thinking position.... brows scrunched together, deep sigh, and the collar of my t-shirt against my face. The warm cotton against my skin invites me to come closer. It is at this moment that I smell of lavendar...

Bringing an instant of calm to my psyche, the smell of my detergent reminds me of orchids and tricking water and steam and refreshing canteloupe. Anxiety's voice is slowly transformed into a chanting. Long chimes are in the background. This is when things do not seem so impossible. Things dont seem quite so ballooned. Things are put back into their place. A nice little wooden box, tucked in with the rest of my clean fluffy towels.
m8gnolia m8gnolia
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1 Response Aug 14, 2007

What a wonderful story :) And also, someone else who pulls their tee-shirt collar up when they are in thought! I often find myself wondering how it got there...