Sniff Sniff


I like Tide, Sunlight or other but for me, nothing beats Gain detergent.  I don't always buy it as its quite expensive but Gain is #1 in my book.

Update: When I wrote this story, I chose the title as Sniff Sniff not knowing they actually mentioned it in their commercials too.

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5 Responses Dec 8, 2009

I have picked up a habbit of eating toilet paper and chewing it and then spitting it out i also smell my laundry deteregent right out of the box i dont eat it but the smell is wonderful i love to feel it go in my nose until it burns i usually keep smelling until i sneeze! Am i pica?

exslut: Usually Pica occurs in children and in pregnancies. Are you getting treated for this?

omg I have pica. I have sucked on shirts that were washed in gain. I have ate gain. I have put it in water and made ice out of it. I love the smell of irish spring too

LOL, I actually like both, the smell of the clothes washed with Gain and the product itself.

justlovely: :) The smell of Gain makes me feel like I'm in another world, lol.