The Smell Of The Sea

The sea is wonderfull frightening but the smell of it just makes you alive, to look at it while on the beach reminds you that over there is another land, so it gives you a feeling of exspectation. to sail on it is scary yet gives you a feeling of exspectation, whats at the other end, the idea that fish are living in it amongst all that salt, yet when you eat the fish their is no salt. once while on deck i was so overcome by fear nothing would keep me up there , I had a feeling of being pulled in. they say its the mermaids calling. Anyway the smell of the sea always reminds of adventure new things to come or old things left behind. whichever it is , it is never dull.
Then you have he seagulls buzzing about, the shells the smell of sand, fish and chips , rain , salty snacks, the smells are not just up your nose they are in your head in your ears.

Ahh darling my darling sea.

mimitutu mimitutu
Jul 18, 2010