Always A Peaceful Time

It is deep into the fall season. Night has just fallen, I am sitting on my porch with a cup of green tea. I am dressed comfortably in my pajamas. The sky is clear with a few twinkling stars. I am surrounded by silence, except the rustling of dead leaves and waving branches by the fresh, cool breeze. Somewhere in the distance, someone is making a fire. The scent of burning wood fills the night air. I am at peace.

This is one of my favorite rituals I enjoy doing by myself during my favorite season.
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Sounds idyllic.

I sense it coming soon where I live.

Me too! I've been dying to drag out my fall decorations and summer is nowhere near it's end yet! I think it's the trees that make the autumn nigh air smell so amazing...that and the temperature. <br />
<br />
You did a great job writing this one:)

No doubt. I'm tired of summer already, and I'm yearning for Autumn and my peaceful night.

Nicely written. I like that smell too. It's just BETTER in the Autumn.I like the blend of wet earth and leaves..very comforting on a clear, cool night. Sipping a hot tea is bliss.