Why Not Here?

I live only 2 1/2 blocks from the ocean and you would never know it, there is
no ocean scent ever. I guess it must be because it's the bay and not any
real waves to push the scent along......
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9 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Oh dear! The scent isn't everything. If you get aquatic birds, that would make up for it, I think. Still, I know what you mean, about the scent of the ocean, and being deprived of the view by apartments.

Huph :(

That is absolute mince P ... So its their beach because they have money , but if anything happens to it like an algie bloom our an oil spil heaven for bid it reverts back to state property and tax p[ayers dollers to clen it up ?

Thats crap is nothing sacred .....

Seems so unfair P, cant understand how you can own the shoreline .....

Somehow that just doesn't seem fair. :(

Hahaha diving seagulls are tough but a small price to pay for an ocean view! :)

Nice thought, watch out for the diving seagulls, right Frito!<br />

Sweet...even though you can't smell the ocean, so great to know it's so close....and be able to walk to and watch! :)