Wow, Just The Group I Was Searching For. :)

Oh, I just love old books. love their feel and their smell, don't mind the dust.

I feel so comfortable around them. I think of them as my childhood buddies who would understand and care for me.

I have visited many bookstores and bought some of these old books for extremely low price. of course,the shopowner didn't know the value of those books. lol

Those dog-eared brown pages, and old print. great. I always how many years or readers this books has seen.

I have some books which are almost 50 or 70 years old. I preserve them like a treasure. They are most precious to me. it's amazing to think that they were printed before I was born. I love that feeling.

I want everyone to preserve these books for future generarations. Don't convert them to ebooks. There is no fun. We must feel the paper. :)

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6 Responses Jul 12, 2010

@jonquitl- wow, how do you guys have all that treasure? Where can we get these books? see if you can post a photo of it in this group. Because it's rare. I want to have them too. I will preserve them forever. <br />
<br />
@artsy- thanks arsy, yeah, there is too much to learn in this life. our years are not enough for all these things. I want to live life to the fullest. I just don't know how. :)

1912 old? I have a book from 1813 by Walter Scott - a historical poem called Rokeby. That's my oldest, but I'm tempted to buy something from the 18th century.

@jonquil- Hi, Thanks for your comment. yes, I like astronomy but we have to go in deep to truly understand it. my fav is history. and in 1912? my god, I have never touched a book so old like that. you are truly rich having that precious treasure! :)

@artsy, yep, no gift in the world can be more precious than that. and is it history book? I love hisory. it's my fav subject. all hisorical places and people fascinate me even if they are wrong. lol, It was the greatest era humans have experienced and I believe we can learn lot from them. I have bought two huge encyclopedias of history. would love to buy more but I'm broke. :(

Maybe you like astronomy. I have one called The Great Star Map, published in 1912. It's fascinating to read what scientists wrote 100 years ago.

wow, that's awesome. a book with the maps of the ancient lands. besides, if it's given by your dad, it must be very precious to you. I also hope to find some more. :)