For The Love Of Pine Sol

Pine Sol is my "crack" and wal Mart is my dealer. I HATE the new formula of pine sol though. I was in big lots 2 months ago and stumbled upon the old formula of the original Pine SOl were Pine Oil is the main active ingredient. I bought 16 bottles. I am now down to one bottle with about 2 cups left in it and I refuse to use it for my cleaning because the last delicious bit is for my sniffing! It relaxes me. It calms my nerves. And it makes me happy. Here is my ritual i do any time i feel stressed or upset-- I have wax burners in the house, with small light bulbs inside that melt the wax. I remove the wax tray, and place my glorious pine sol bottle there and let it sit for about 30 minutes. The smell intensifies something serious. I then get me a big cup of my ice, look up websites with stories of other peoples love of Pine Sol, take a sniff, then crunch my ice behind it. Sometimes I hate the fact that I feel this way about a cleaner. But then I am reminded of how calm I am when I smell it and I brush it off. I also use the Lavender pine sol or sparkling wave on a daily basis. I'm also obsessed with having my home smell fresh and clean. Ah, I love pine sol I'm glad there are others just like me.
PineSolPrincess PineSolPrincess
2 Responses Nov 9, 2012

lol loved your first sentence! do you buy the pine sol with or without the glycolic acid added in to the ingredients? one is the old formula and one is the new

omg I thought I was the only one who noticed the new smell of the original pinesol..but I love it just as much when I go to clean a saturate my bathroom with it and just let it sit and soak and it keeps my bathroom smelling like pinesol for days..glad I'm not the only one