I Love To Smell Pee Panties

I was walking into a store and I always look at a women's butt I love the panty lines I love to see if by some miracle she may be wearing a diaper and I have been lucky on a few days and have seen some women in diapers and some with wet stained pants now those are the ones that really get me going I was in the store and saw this woman with a nice wet stain on her pants it made me crazy so I followed her around for a while I was trying to get close to her to see if I could smell the pee I think she knew I was following her but may have liked it or even wanted me to see that she had wet her pants so I continued to follow her till she left the store and when we were out in the parking lot I said to her it looks like you wet your pants to which she said I could not help myself and smiled real big as she knew I love it. I was wearing a diaper and plastic pants at the time and had wet them also and tried to make sure she saw that I think she enjoyed the little play time we had that day.
bailey48442 bailey48442
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Fun! Good spotting!!!

Pity it never developed further. Perhaps you'll see her again and then..............!!p