Ah, That Wonderful Scent.

When I was a young boy and into my teens, plastic panties had wonderful scents that for some, went beyond just the newness of the plastic. There were several different scents that would last for 2-3 washings, then disappear. I know of several other people who remember those scents. I've tried describing them to others and even contacted Gary's manufacturer, but no one seems to know what those scents are nor does anyone know how to reproduce that smell; in most cases a slightly sweet baby smell, sometimes different than powder. By the time I was a teen, just the smell of a new pair of plastic pants would develop such an erotic feeling, I couldn't eat or sleep or be seen in public at certain times. I keep hoping that someone will find that scent again and add it to plastic pants and other plastic baby things. A manufacturer couldn't imagine what that might do for their sales.
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Sticks, I know of that plastic baby smell that you are talking about.
I am not sure if it was impregnated into the rubber baby panties that my mom changed me into or weather it was her washing my plastic baby panties in Ivory diaper soap. I absolutely love that smell!!! I wish my plastic baby panties still had that awesome smell!!! I would be back in rubber baby panties full time and loving
and smelling every minute of them!!

The smell is due to chemicals called plasticisers that are used to keep the plastic soft and supple. They are washed out in soapy water but if you just rinse your plastic pants in plain warm water after wearing the plastic smell will linger much longer. Try it!

Oh yes, the power of those erotic smells!

I to also remember the scent of new plastic baby pants. Specially after I connected them with making myself feel good. Just the smell would excite me and give me a uknow what.

Happily, the smell, the feel, the warmth, everything about new plastic baby pants, now in adult sizes, these all still excite me beyond description. Even thinking about slipping them on gives me a "uknow what", and then i always breathlessly fill them with "uknow what"! You too?

Aside from the plasticizers in new plastic pants, when I was a kid, manufacturers also had other scents which they impregnated the plastic with. Two which I remember were Rose Oil scent and the other was lanolin scent, which has a similar smell of baby oil or powder. New baby pants really smelled wonderful back then, at least for a little while.

youve got that right

For me Leakmaster Deluxe Vinyl Pants are similar in aroma and appearance to the vinyl baby pants of my youth. The original Comco Company in St. Paul, MN (not Comco LLC in Hinckley, MN) made/sold a delightful old fashioned vinyl pant, unfortunately appears they’re no longer in business.

Anyone wear/remember Playtex rubber baby pants and sheets from the forties and fifties? They had a sweet baby aroma like no other. To this day, some sixty years later, the sweet fragrance of those pants occasionally flashes through my mind.

Ahh yes, that smell!
I had a pair of swimmimg armbands that had that smell, many years ago, It just mimicked that new plastic pants smell.
Bullins Healthcare of Liverpools pants used to have that exact smell when new and were always very soft and buttery when brand new.
Sadly they no longer sell them.
The Old Drylife pants were made in the same place and of course were the same smell.
If you are into plastic pants it's a smell that instantly brings happyness and instant recall.

I remember that smell. It was so yummy. And so is my favorite smell, Johnsons baby powder.

Smells good.

Sounds like a good idea to add a smell.

I found a brand of plastic dispoal bags that have the most intense plasticy smell. Ahhhhhhhhh!

I know the smell you are talking about. I love it, better than the new car smell LOL.<br />
<br />
Hey, they have new car smell in a can, maybe I can invent a spray can with new plastic (panty) smell. I'd make a fortune! except all my plastic pals here would want "samples")

Once a long time ago I had a couple of pair of plastic bloomers - they were high waisted with an extra elastic band about 6 inches above the waistband. They were perfumed, and the sweet smell lasted for quite a few wearings.