I Love the Smell of Rain

I am a person who loves,the earth.I lived on a farm growing up.rain was allways a blessing.When the dry dusty days would hang around I would pray for rain and while the rain was bathing allthe plants,mom would let us get a bar a soap and bath as the rain showered over us. My sister and I would sing-I'm sinigng in the rain.I do love the rain. It is so refreshing to all of us and all that thrist for water.


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4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

rain rain go away - no come back! where i live we havent had precipitation all winter. hope the spring will bring april showers.

Rain has always been a blessing. It is the seed of the land and God's blessing. Plants, animals and people feel the rain is a gift. Pray, sing, dance in the rain gives us the growth of life in our gardens and crops. Only the ignorant disregard it.

One thing People might just over look is the rain and the sun mixed = rain bows!From the youngest child to old young,rainbows are so beautiful every child knows,the color and the arch are so perfect some how they know it means a hope or a promise in their little minds a rainbow means good!

I the smell after a big huge rainstorm that seems to just clean the air. We lived on a big ranch when I was little. I can still remember puddle jumping and being covered from head to toe in mud. lol