The Older The Pee; The Stronger The Smell.

When I was a teenage wxxxxx I made myself a pxss pad out of an old vest. I folded it neatly and placed it in a shallow Tupperware container. I pxxd on it and soaked it then lay on it and wxxked myself off. When I was finished, I put the lid on and hid the container away. Of course after a few days the smell of rank pxss when I opened the lid was overpowering. It was so erotic, I would often just press my nose to the stinking pxss pad and wxxk myself off.

Now I'm older I like the smell of stale pee which is in my undies. I keep re-wetting them and often put a bin-liner over my undies to seal in the smell. At the end of the day, when I remove the bin liner, the caustic stench of stale pxss fills the air. Of course I always press the stinking fabric to my face and breath in to capture the truly disgusting smell. These things remind me of the pathetic looser I have become.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

My goodness. I just love the smell of stale ****. A friend of mine sent me some pissed and jizzed in underpants which had never been washed in 4 years. The smell was simply wonderful and put them over my face and licked and took in the wonderful smell. I would like to be totally wrapped in<br />
**** stained clothes and put in a rubber bed for quite a time (several days) and smell nothing but stale ****. i am also a serious rubber fetishist.

Wearing undies that stunk as I had wet them all week, I got on the bus. I sat at the front where there is poor ventilation and could soon smell the stench of my pxx-stained undies as the bus went stop to stop. What a surprise when in the seat next to mine, a woman sat down! <br />
Of course I didn't look directly at her, but I could tell she had soon caught a whiff of my stale pxx. I saw her take glances at me, looking down to my crotch. I couldn't help it, I just had to let another squirt of pxss out into my so smelly undies.