The First Rain.

Where I live is remote when it comes to rain and we don't see much of it at times. I have had friends think me mad for running outside and dancing in the rain when it first comes, but the best part is the smell. It's like a giant air freshner and at the different times it comes, it has a different fragrance.


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3 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Got caught out once when it began to rain and I went outside to do my little dance in it. It started to hail. Had to put an end to the dance and bolt for shelter.

There is nothing like rain to cleanse the earth. Dancing in the rain is an ancient human urge, like conversation.

rain is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I grew up in FL so I had my fair share of thunderstorms. All of them majestic. I love running in the rain. Enjoy it while it lasts. Peace,j