It Was a Part of My Life

I was born and grew up in a few different tropical islands in Southeast Asia. It was always hot and humid all year round. One of the houses that I lived in back then was less than a quarter mile away from the sea. On some very hot days, I would take my bike with a towel wrapped around my neck and head to sea. It was my playground. It was my backyard. I used to waterski and swim with the jellyfish. I received my scuba diving certification when I was 13.

Now, I'm nowhere near the sea. Instead of a hot tropical island, I live in a continent where the weather can get really really cold. I don't waterski anymore but now I downhill ski. Instead of swimming with the jellyfish, now I like making the snowman. I'm still a certified scuba diver but I'm afraid to dive in the lakes.

I do miss the smell of the sea but I like where I am now. I can always visit it when I visit my family. They are scattered all over the place and each one of them lives near the sea. Sooner or later, I'll find myself swimming in the sea again.

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Thank you for your nice comment, gr8jesus! I appreciate it! :)

beautiful write...enjoyed reading...superb language and flow of words are awesome...:)

TP, I'll be dreaming and drinking the smell of the sea with you.<br />
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LV, thank you. Sometimes, it depends on how we choose to look at things when we are faced with a certain situation. Sometimes, we just need to adapt ourselves and learn to realize that some things are neither good, nor bad. They are just different. And in my case, I've learned to appreciate them. I appreciate the benefits these differences bring into my life.<br />
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Sigma, you're right. The igloos are just as fun to make as the snowman. If I can make one big enough to fit me, I love to sit and drink hot chocolate in it. I bet you get just as much snow as I do in the winter.

Ahhhh Goood ol snowman, LOL gotta admit the Igloos are fun to make 2

You are very spirited and are able to make the best of things you have, very inspiring.

Sleepless: Thank you for your warm wishes.<br />
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Salar1: I also like to walk along the beach and watch the waves. It's very calming.<br />
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Yavy: After you showed me the picture of Mediterranean, I now love it, too.<br />
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Isharedmine: I had to smile when I read that you've only seen the ocean once and never touched it or swam in it. I almost it even possible? But then again, I've never lived in deserts or mountains, either. The closest I've ever been to one was when I visited Vegas or spend the weekend in ski resorts. Does it count?<br />
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Thank you all for the comments.

This makes me want to try being near the sea---I have only seen the ocean once-- never touched it let alone swam in it. I have lived in deserts or the mountains all my life.

i love mediterranean..

I like to walk along the beach on a windy day , watch the waves crash up the beach , smell the salt air .......

I can understand what you mean. I love breathe salty air, feeling warm breeze from sea on my face... i wish you best... Hugs*