The Beach

Back in NJ I used to love to go to Cape May. They have some of the greatest Victorian homes by the ocean. After spending some time in Cape Mat it was off to Sunset Beach. This is at the end of NJ were the bay and the ocean meet. In the summer time they have the lowering of the flag. At this time hundreds of people come to the hear about the person they are honoring that day and to hear taps. Then the sun slowly meets the ocean and then hides behind her. I have see some of the most beautiful sunsets at this beach.

Although summer time is a great time to be down "the shore", I love going there during the Christmas Holidays. For years the children and I would get in the car for the almost 2 hr ride singing Christmas carols and just enjoying the ride. Upon arrival we would shop have a little something to eat and then drive down to the beach get out of the car and enjoy the darkened beach and the smell of the salt air if only for a few minutes. There were times we would have some snow on the beach. How different to see the waves crashing against the snow and ice. In February we would go down the shore again this time to experience The Polar Bear Splash. Great seeing all those crazy people running into the freezing cold water.

Will all this said and done the best part of all no matter when we were there was the breeze blowing through our hair and touching our faces, the mist from the ocean and the smell of the beach!

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beautiful write...enjoyed reading...superb language and flow of words are awesome...:)

Heading out to Vancouver and just walking along the beach is so tranquil

Wish you could come to Hawaii, I have a beautiful spot next to a cliff by the ocean that splashes up against the rocks and just slightly showers you with the blesssing of the saltty water and cool breeze. I use to go there when I needed space for myself, I have'nt gone in awhile, but you sure did bring me back to that spot.

The feeling of the salt air against your skin, the smell of the salt air...brings such a calmness to your soul.

when i lived in south africa, i used to live toin-land near johannesburg, and whenever we went on holidays down the coast, to durban or cape town and so on, ikt was always magical,to get to breath in the fresh air!!!