What Amazing Talent

All the great songs that have been so important to my music taste. Morrissey is very bold and gifted at his vocals and his lyrics. I have been listening to them since Fall 1984, I can listen to them once or a million times, the music moves me as much now as it ever has.
DMD34 DMD34 46-50, M 1 Response Nov 30, 2012

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The Smiths were the soundtrack of my teenage years, and I listen to them often yet, my appreciation has not changed at all. For me Morrissey's solo career is more hit-and-miss, but with some great moments too

Although I don't listen to music half as much as I used to. When I listen to The Smiths it brings me back to my HS years as well as college. I am just as impressed with them in these years of my life as I ever was as a late teen listening to them for the first time.