In So Many Ways

Drawing back the curtains on a cold, winter morning, greeted by the complicated dance of millions of fluffy white flakes billowing in the wind. The smell of the air, so pure and fresh, walking in the forest, all the branches heavily laden, the silence so deep, so encompassing. I love tilting my head back so I can see the sunlight filter through the trees, surrounded by countless glittering diamonds.

Then returning home, walking into a room warmed by only the wood fireplace – the scent of pine and cocoa. Shedding the heavy coat and boots, settling on the floor in front to watch the licking flames. Leaning back against a warm chest, arms around me, turning for a kiss, flavored with chocolate and mint.

Later, getting all bundled against the frigid night, then venturing out – the moonlight casting long shadows and the eerie but incredibly lovely effect of snow sparkling in the dark. Playing like a child, building a fort, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, cuddling for a moment, laughing ridiculously, fairly buried in snow, knowing warmth awaits just inside.
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May 13, 2012