Best H B O Series, Ever

I watched each episode as it aired. Couldn't wait to see next week's episode or wait a whole year to see the next season. I love all the characters. When I lived in NY, I think I knew a lot of them and may have been related to a few of them. I had an aunt Carmela. Poor Christophuh! Bad demise.

David Chase was pissed at HBO and the way the last season was split into 2 portions. So it was a big **** you to his audience leaving the last episode hanging that way. He said as much in interviews just before it aired. "No intention of revisiting the characters again," he said, meaning no movies, ever. Too bad, that's a franchise that could keep going indefinitely.


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:) that's my boy Qazpurr, almost 20 yrs old. Pix in my profile.

Unless HBO produces it, like Sex in the City, but gets someone new to write it. I'd go see a big screen version! <br />
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btw, I miss George Carlin. :(