I Love The Sound Of A "baby's" Laugh!!!!! :-)

My grandson is a year old on Monday! :-) And i think he follows me, for being so ticklish, you only after to touch us and we fall around in a fit of giggles lol :-)
I hold my grandson on my lap and i nuzzle his neck, omg! his little laugh!! is so sweet and cute i sooooooo!!! melt and love him, it's unbelievable lol He laughs now when i say something like, " oooh!! what's he holding in his hand"? (because i am on pins when he picks anything up, because they put things in their little mouths and i am so frightened, when he does this!, that i'm jumping up lol ) He is crawling really fast and climbing on the sofas they are so, cute and funny at this age,. I love hearing him laugh, he is the light of my LIFE!!!
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Ohhhhh! yes! so true 58scorpio! :D It's absolutely beautiful to here them laugh! :D Thank you to for stopping by and leaving me your very kind feedback my darling! :D

Ooooooh! :D thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment destry! :D my darling :D Awwwwww! yes, i have to say i agree, with you, "babies are so wonderful" :D It's hard to believe my grandson now is 2 yr old on Tuesday! :D Again thank you for your very kind feedback on this one my babe! :D

oh how new it is to see a baby laugh.

Thank you!! Lena!! :-) You are so right i never tire of hearing them laugh!!! it is a gorgeous sound! "a baby giggling" lol <br />
Thank you! for your feedback, my friend!! :-)

I think this to!!! the "love i feel for my grandson is unbelievable" it really is!!! i love him soooooo!!!! much and his "lil giggle now he is nearly 17mth old, his lil laugh is soo!! infectious!! lol My grandson cries for me if i go out of the room! it is heart tugging to hear him cry!,. I lurve him soooooooo!!! much it is hard to describe the feeking of !LOVE" i feel for him, lol <br />
Oh!!! yes!! to! royal "the giggle of a child is magic" wow!!! 5yr old i bet that is hard to believe to!!! lol you have as i? watched her crawl say words and walk around, "now that's magic" lol <br />
Thank you! from one grandmother to another! :-)

Thank you!! so much for your feedback MollyAgnes, soooo!!! true i to think it sounds like "music" to the ears! i love it!!!! :-)

I so did my friend thank you! ha!! ha!! :-)

Oh!! so true, iwantogrowmyown, that's the word i was looking for when i wrote this!!, "so infectious" to royal ha!! ha!! :-) Thanking you so much for your comment hun!!! :-)