My Daughter Wants To Play!!

I think I am more excited about this than she is...  although I haven't let on yet.

I grew up in a guitar playing household.  Mom & Dad would have friends over and I'd listen to them play and sing while I was up in bed trying to sleep.   We'd go away on vacation and I loved to hear mom play and sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and Dad would sit by the fireplace in our rented cabin and play "Freight Train" - happy happy memories 

My first husband played the guitar, always awesome to hang out and have a few drinks together in the living room and listen to him play....  Me??  No musical talent, it's just NOT there!!

My 14 yr old has just informed me that she'd like a guitar and lessons for Christmas - this is one gift she will definitely be getting!   I really hope she does well and enjoyes it.  I so miss hearing the sound of a guitar in my life.    The plan is to go through the music store on a rent-to-own plan, so if she changes her mind in a few months I haven't wasted a lot of cash.  It's not too bad that way, not much more than buying one outright at the end (did this with a flute for one of my other kids years ago)

I was pleasantly surprised when she told me this, I had no idea she'd be interested!

Creamsicle Creamsicle
41-45, F
Nov 5, 2011