Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Before they became the most visible flamenco duo of the early 2000's.

Guitarists Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero bonded over heavy metal growing up in Mexico city, combined their talents for a time in metal groupTierra Acida never hit it big, and an album was never released.

The Mexican duo developed a large repertoire of original material and styles, and released their debut record with 2003's "Record for a concert album.

They are known for their nimble fingered guitar work and diverse background

"Few flamenco guitarists could boast them."
 They have played around the world. 


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5 Responses Feb 15, 2013

wow this is amazing! never thought people could play in unison like this .get your botty up and dance.

I just watched the first Gabriela video.. so amazing.. it sounds like no music i have ever heard before! If i did not know it was a guitar, i would not know what it was :) So beautiful ! Thank you for sharing Candy :) xxoxoxoxoxxoxo

I'm glad you enjoyed *super talented* I also have a few in my blogs you might like :) ( her Name is Tiamane Gardner ukulele since young girl..raised money for the poor..xoxoxoxo Such a loving spirit! ~_^.

I will have to check your blogs for further beautiful music then :) Tiamane sounds wonderful. Using her talents to help others less fortunate.. she truly is a blessing :) xoxoxoxox

I watched her play with Rodrigo on the Jay Leno video and they were wonderful. I was thinking .. that sounds like Paso Doble' music since i watch Dancing With The Stars. Vibrant and powerful music to induce the passion of the dance :) Ole' xox

playing for you! :) let's dance!

<p>You'd never think from heavy metal,to flamenco........hands move like boat motors..gets you dancing!<br />

!!!!!!! just WOW! ^..^