The Heart Is a Drum Machine

When I was young I would always lie against my mum and dad's backs to listen to their heart beating. It is such a soothing sound.

Recently, a documentary about music called "the heart is a Drum Machine" was created and its title refers to the heart as being the first instance of rhythm and music that we hear in our lives. It is a moving a observation because it shows how music is literally in our hearts.

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Mickey Hart..."Music to be Born By" Mickey's unborn child's hearbeat with drumming for the melody. Amazing!

how about as it shudders and spasms in arrythmia as it struggles to keep up with the hypovalemia from a few gunshots tearing up major internal blood vessels.<br />
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one of the less pretty sounds of my memory.<br />
<br />
I perfer the elevated resting heart beat of my GF as we roll together tho..its the most perfect sound ever.

(hugs) It's the song of our life.

I think it is the most peaceful song in our life. Thanks for sharing... hugs...