Watching A Guy ********** Gets My Panties So Wet

I have always enjoy watching a guy jack off. Sitting in a chair, couch or edge of the bed and seeing him jacking off is such a turn on. Seeing him grip his **** and stroke up and down, it gets my panties so wet, I love seeing it dripping as he strokes, makes my mouth water and I just want to lick up those juices from the tip of his ****. Many guys have been to shy to jack off in front of me, but some of my boyfriends have really gotten into it, my favorite is to watch them jacking off with my panties, I love taking off my wet panties and giving them a quick sniff and lick before handing them over to him and watching him wrap them around his ****, so he can feel the wet spot against his shaft. I love watching a guy stroking with my panties and covering them with his ***, I love cleaning him up with my panties and then licking the mixture of my juices and his juices off my panties while I rub myself and he watches me, never takes to long before he gets hard again as he watches me ********** as I lick both our juices off my panties.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Would be very exciting to be sitting across from you while you watch me play

id jerk off for you any time ;P