Olivier's Noisy!

When we have sex, and Olivier is getting very frenetic in his actions in me, he sighs so much as his excitement intensifies. Mine reaches new heights as I listen to him, animal heights, as he drives an ****** from my body.

I try to control myself thinking of these times sitting in my room, but I cannot resist ************! In one of the books I have been reading there is a charm for these times:

Atifa bekitfa izdamnat, sharei, sharei, la ta'ol ve la tinpok, la didach, ve la be'adbach. Tuv, tuv yama etragisha, galgaloyi li'ach karan, bechulaka kadisha achidna, bekedusha demalka ite'atafena.

It is also good when you are feeling adulterous!
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Id like to hear you :)

He sounds like a very lucky man!