Christa, At Live Oak

In the early 2011, I had a couple I play with invite me, and another mutual friend, to spend Hedo weekend with them at Live oak, a Nudist resort, but is which is very lifestyle friendly, just northwest of houston.

The first day will be another story, the story I want to tell is of a woman I met there, on the second day, by name of Christa. She was a strawberry blonde, I want to say about 5'4" to 5'6", 38 at the time if i remember correctly, and shoulder length hair, impossible to tell what styling since we spent all day either in the pool or in bed. She was curvy, but not overly chubby.

I had been hanging with my hosts at the pool, and chatting it up. Im discretely scanning the couples and single women in the pool through my shades, gauging their interest. While yeah, i *am* the creepy guy that would love to just walk up to them and ask them to ****, I know that a blantant request like that is likely to fail, so I pretend not to be that guy, while the drunks and those without better sense make those with cooler heads look better.

Which worked. From the corner of my eye I see her walk up to the group from my right side. I don't turn, so as not to spook her ( this is so much like hunting!) and just play it casual. She sidles up to me an greets the group. I pretend I just noticed she was there, and turn to give her a hug and a kiss. Standard greeting it seems in swinger clubs.

I noticed that her boobs were floating gently in the water, with the tips of her nipple erect. Her body language seemed to indicate that she wasnt in a rush to move on to talk to other people, so I commented on how nice her boobs looked floating in the water.

She looked up mischieviously at me, pinches her nipples and while doing so says "Do you like that they float?". The invitation could have not been more obvious, and I reached out to cup and fondle her breasts. They were very silky, and as I reached out I floated/walked towards her. "I do like them, they feel so very nice!" I replied, smiling at her. She was now close enough that my chubbed up **** was grazing her stomach, and she looked down to see its girth lightly but firmly pressed againts her stomach.

She reached down and grabbed my wood, not caring that there were dozens of people surrounding us. She looked at me intently while caressing my ****, and tilted her head, in the direction of a man at the other end of the pool. "Thats my boyfriend, and we swing. We were checking out to see if you were a creeper or not. I came over to talk, but now that I have your **** in my hand, I want to know if you want to ****. Which one is your woman?".

I clarified that I came to this event as a single, a guest for my couple, but that I was open to play. Her expression brightened even more, and she did quick introductions while still caressing my ****. She had me follow her, all the while rubbing her *** or hands on my **** to an RV, which unfortunately was locked. She did have a plan b.

Some of her friends had a cabin. She was worried about privacy for me, bless her heart, but I told her I had no problem performing infront of others.
We went to the cabin and quickly started making out. I noticed very quickly that she was very vocal... Very. Not excessively, but you could tell she loved to get loud. We traded oral sex for a while, and then she pulled out a condom, riped the packaging open, and slid it onto my ****. This wasn't a magnum, so it was a bit tight to get down over my ****. Finally with my penis sheathed, I flipped her over on her back, roughly grabbed and held one leg by the ankle with my left hand, and pressed down on her knee with my right, holding her open.
I gently teased her ***** with the tip of my ****, and earned a moan with a definite vibrato to it. The woman has a singing voice!

I let her leg rest on my shoulder and now I was able to direct my **** with my hand, using it to slap her ***** and ****, rub her **** and opening with my glans, and just tease the **** out of her.

She responded very well, bucking her hips deliciously, looking for my **** to enter her, moaning softly. I felt I had teased her enough, and slowly started to slide in, pulling in and out gently, gradually going deeper and deeper. Midway through the lenght of my ****, I maintained the same distance for a few strokes, pulled out entirely, and slid in balls deep in one go.

She let out a long slow moan to match the entry of my penis. As I allowed her to feel the weight of my hips on her for a second, she started moving her hips in response. But rather than just buck her hips, she moved in a way that would suggest that she was drawing a square in the air with her *****. Rather than the smooth circular motion, it was sudden, intense and angled. Each time she moved from one "corner" to another, she let out a soft moan and a shiver. She was coming, just a few minutes into penetration. I was going to pull out and let her rest, when she indicated I should continue. She whispered in my ear that she had rolling ******* ( ******* that come in waves, rather than individual ******) and that I should just keep ******* her.

And keep ******* her i did. She continued coming and writhing under me, while i just fed of her energy and pleasure to drive even more lust into me. The more she moaned, the harder I ****** her, and that made her buck and moan even more.

It was an ideal sexual encounter, 2 people completely uninhibited feeding off each others pleasure to drive more pleasure to the other party. One of the most memorable, and definitely in my top 3, ***** of all time.

By the time I came, her moans had a very song like quality to them, each push of my **** triggering a different note. That's when I let her know that I was I could have multiple ******* myself. She asked for a minute to wash up, and then After a few hours, we parted ways. I did see her for some more play later that night( or the next day, however you want to see it), but that's another story.
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A great story and a greater experience I am sure!