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New Toy

“Do it.” Master’s voice is a warning.

I glance down at the woman, glad he’s chosen her as my playmate tonight. She’s beautiful, yes, Master has excellent taste in the fairer sex. She’s on her back, trembling under me like a new fawn. I can smell her, the heat, the musky sweetness I crave, yet I hesitate.

She’s unsure.

I’m not.

I just want to enjoy her a moment longer.

With a stinging slap across my bare ***, Master lets me know he’s had enough of my insolence. From my hands and knees, I lower onto my elbows, leaving my *** in the air. I know the rules. I don’t dare break them.

She gasps as my lips touch her *****. She’s like velvet petals and I want to kiss her, taste her, smell her. There’s a delicateness in this moment, a vulnerability in her quaking legs and twitching stomach.

I flatten my tongue and give her a long lick from entrance to ****. She lets out a soft squeal and an evil grin crosses my lips. Her nervousness is an aphrodisiac that sings in my blood. The warmth radiating off her is no match to the chills of pleasure that send a tiny army of goosebumps roaring across my flesh.

I taste her, another long, gentle lick and I pause. She’s less vocal this time, but I hear her intake of breath. The sraoilleog (dirty girl) is enjoying this. Well, if it takes more to get her to respond then I know what I have to do.

With a quick nip and suck, I pull her petals into my mouth, alternately sucking and nibbling. She lets out a sharp yelp, her legs gripping the sides of my head.

“Is she hurting you?” Master reminds us he’s sovereign here.

Her voice is a whimper, “No.”

I release her, then part her lips with my tongue. With feather light touches I know will drive her mad, I tease her ****. She moans, arching into me with her hips in an effort to make me go harder. With another wicked grin, I ease back, the pressure of my tongue only tickling, grazing, tormenting as her scent surrounds me.

Her legs release me but her fingers tangle in my hair as she forces me closer to her *****, grinding on my lips. I halt completely and she drops away with another whimper.

Behind me, I feel Master touch me, running the tips of his long fingers along my damp *****. Involuntarily, I lunge into her, my tongue rough and demanding at the promise in Master’s touch. She lets out a sharp cry and his fingers plunge into me.

I love when Master brings me new toys. <3
AlexiaStark AlexiaStark 18-21, F Oct 22, 2013

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