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That Familiar Sound, You Know It's Disposable Diapers.

That sound is forever in my memories. Yes, memories is the right term. Ever since my bedwetting became a big issue with my Aunt when I was 4-1/2 years old. Her daughter(my cousin, 'Lisa') was almost potty trained and going to be 3 soon enough, and I have witnessed many many diaper changes(Pampers) for Lisa. Laying her on the floor and picking up that new, crinkly Pampers diaper and all the sounds of diapering Lisa. And me being 4-1/2 and wetting the bed. Just trying everything to stop the wetting but nothing working. My Aunt got "Sick and Tired" of it and I found myself laying in front of her on the floor where Lisa would lay. I remember the sound of that Pamper when she picked it up and spread it open to put under me. I didn't want to wear diapers but I didn't dare argue or struggle either. I remember the sounds when she brought the diaper up and put it around my belly. I can hear the tapes peel up and when she taped it around my waist, I heard her press down on both tapes to make sure they were secured, because that loud plastic crinkling sound is the familiar Pampers disposable diaper signature sound, and it's as vivid today as it was 40+ years ago when I was first put back in them. Every time I walked around oe sat in a chair for meals or on the couch, everyone knew it was someone wearing those wonderful Pampers baby diapers, and how embarassed I was when they turn to look and see me, a 4-1/2 year old boy, fastened up nicely in his Pampers baby diaper. I wasn't suppose to be wearing them any more, but I was being punished for wetting the bed so much, and I figured wearing them was my deserved and irreversable punishment so I had to wear them.

Later, when my cousins, 'Wayne' and 'Jerry' were in the mode for just making me feel small or humiliated, would pull out a Pampers diaper. They would shake it in the air or wave it over my body or in front of my face and the sound was like alerting everyone that David is about to be diapered like a baby. The many times they did just that and the sounds of me walking in the outdoors with just my diaper on or in the tent or when in Scouts. I think about the sound of velcro when I hear it these days and flash back to peeling the tape of a disposable diaper and suddenly I look and see it's just velcro.

When I was even older, and my stepdad having me lay on the back seat of his car and after reaching down he brings up a disposable diaper. He said it was the cheaper brand and later he would buy me the better Pampers brand, but they sound the same, noisy, crinkly and babyish. It still crinkled loudly enough when he spread it open and put it under my bottom, and I was 6-1/2 to 7-years old, but I still hear it when he pulled it up between my legs then spread the front open before laying it down and taping it around my waist. Making me walk around the back of the car to the front passenger door in just that disposable diaper was loud enough for me and others to hear, not to mention if they saw me wearing it.

It's embarassing when you are on a Cub Scout camping trip hoping to earn badges and prove that you are a big boy and your two tent buddies you will be sharing a tent with for the next two nights start telling you as you are helping to set up your tent, "Brad and I know you wet the bed because we smell it and we don't want you peeing tonight and getting us wet too." So when the night arrives, and because one of the boys in each tent had to be older and more responsible to help out us younger Scouts to learn, 'Leon' and 'Brad' and I crawl in to our tent and they are 'Prepared' as the motto goes. Leon says it's time to keep you from peeing all over everything in the tent, David. You need these while you are here and if you tell anyone on us we will get you back." He pulled out one single disposable diaper and tosses it in my lap saying "Put it on or we'll put it on you ourself, your choice." The sound of a disposable diaper hitting me on the stomack and lap, and then picking it up in my hands and feeling it. Then knowing the only thing I can do is put it on, or face worse consequences. I watched as they started getting undressed and taking out their pajamas, then I got undressed and after laying down on my sleeping bag picked up the diaper. Touching it and hearing the plastic crinkling, I put it next to me and pulled my underwear off. Looking over at them and hearing Leon say "Don't make me come over and put it on you myself, mcause I will. Now put it on." Pampers seemed to be the best diapers because people around me always got Pampers and Brad agreed right after Leon finished, "That's right, little bed wetter, put your Pamper on." It must be the name and the loud plastic crinkly sounds that people liked because I remember that same sound as I unfolded that diaper, slipped it under me and brought it up between my legs. And spreading it out and laying it down on my privates was weird too, for me, since I know I'm like 9-years old and not suppose to be still wearing diapers. Again, the sound od peeling the two tapes and taping the diaper around my own waist made me visualize myself as a baby. Hearing it from Brad and Leon reinforced that vision, "You wet the bed like a baby, you wear Pampers like a baby, and this way we'll hear your diaper if you try to leave the tent or take your diaper off, so forget about those ideas or we'll drag you outside and tell everyone you wet the bed and that you still wear Pampers baby diapers, got it?" That was good enough for me, I agreed to wear the diapers. It's louder inside a tent too, the diaper makes sounds and you instantly feel like you're a baby.

Then years later, when I'm 15-1/2 years old and after years of being punished by being made to wear diapers, I finally tell my stepdad he can't make me wear diapers for punishment because they don't fit me, he later brings home some Attends Youth diapers and says they make baby diapers in MY SIZE and to start getting undressed. Blew my mind for sure, and when he took one of the diapers out of the box, I could hear the plastic and see they were almost like Pampers. They sounded like disposable baby diapers and I was feeling trapped because I told him if he finds them in my size I'd wear them but never had a clue they actually made them. I was back to babyhood in seconds, and when I felt him pull that first one up between my legs and open it up, the sounds made me visualize a adult sized Pampers diaper, and the tapes peeled with that same sound as Pampers too. He taped it around my waist and I may as well have been a baby because I felt like I was. Standing up and hearing the crinkly sounds all over again but this time I'm almost 16 years old. 16-year old boys don't walk around wearing loud crinkly disposable diapers. But I could once again hear my diaper ever step I made, every time I sat on the couch or sat on the dining room chair to eat. I'm still wearing diapers and picturing that purple box that says "Pampers diapers and in one corner it reads TODDLERS and that's me again.

Today I still wear disposable diapers for fun and because I like the fetish now and will probably wear them for life, but discretely because of my wife and her kids and I don't want the kids to ever know about it. But now and then I take myself back and put a diaper on, visualizing me puting on a Pampers baby diaper, thinking of myself as a 5-6 year old boy being put back in diapers for disciplinary reasons. I use baby powder, and baby lotion. I like pacifiers and baby bottles and even have my own adulr baby light blue footed sleeper. But nothing compares to opening up a loud, crinkly, baby-soft disposable diaper and listening to those sounds as I pull it up between my knees and peel the tapes. I love walking around in disposable adult size diapers and buying the all white Bambinos and the Super Dry Kids adult diapers from on-line. I like to LOOK babyish as much as I like to FEEL babyish, but I live the SOUNDS of my disposable diaper so my EARS take me back to when I could still wear those Pampers. I hope I don't lose my hearing when I'm over the hill, that's part of the fun is HEARING my diapers as I'm wearing them.///
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Amazing story I can very much relate to this I am exactly the same way I love the sound and feeling of a diaper being put on me