Why?? I Don't Know.. Lol

... And i don't mind if i have to wake up from my sweet, beauty sleep!! hehehe...

How lovely is his voice?? Enough to make me miss to hear it all the time, it makes my heart beat faster.. and when not, it leaves me wanting to hear for more...

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6 Responses Jul 14, 2010

i am twickapated! like Bambi! yeheyyyy ^^, thanks for the new vocabulary Red.. :)

being inlove

hehe what twickapated means Red??

there is another name for that iof any of you watched bambi being twickapated lol I thought it was a cute word when I first heard it lol

haha yes LV! ^^,<br />
one more thing: give me silly smiles lol

Aw! love does strange things to us