It Makes Me Dream

When I hear his voice saying I am his love,

The word love turns into a lance,

That fast invades my mind,

Going through my inner,

Staying in my heart as a hot coal.



When I hear his voice saying cuddle with me,

It touchs me

Till the bottom of my heart

It sounds like a music

That forever I want to listen



When I hear his voice saying bye,

I feel a shudder invading my soul,

Drying my lips,

And like a fountain spring,

Bringing the tears to my eyes



His voice makes me smile,

It makes me cry,

It makes me think,

It makes me love him...

Again and again.



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5 Responses Oct 27, 2008

Very nice TEP.... I know how you feel ;)

Very, very nice. I enjoyed this.

Brillant! You are talented with the words.

I read this to Robbie, it is fantastic, we lovr it.

Yes .. I ditto the above