A Comforting Sound

I love to be inside and hear the gentle sound of raindrops falling.I find it comforting to be in the house with a warm glowing fire and the delicious timbre of the droplets as they bounce off the roof and windows.I love to watch the droplets as they bounce off the hard earth and make bubbles.I am thankful for the rain,it is precious.I love to see the blackbirds and woodpeckers as they visit the garden after the rain and am amused by the blackbirds tugging at the worms as though they are pieces of elastic attached to the earth.The woodpeckers arrive with a laugh called a yaffle and sound so joyous and full of delight.
liquidamber liquidamber
51-55, F
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I love it too LA! We haven't seen much of it this summer though!

It is so very comforting and peaceful to listen to the rain.