Whispered Truths

The sound of wind through the tree's - it is the trees whispering their truths
the sun's glint on rain splashed leaves - it is natures smile

recently I walked the boundary of a cane field to hear that song only a cane field can sing when the wind rolls through fields bending and playing, the delicious feeling when it finely reaches me and caresses my skin, rakes at my clothing and blows through my heart

Bythelight0fthemoon Bythelight0fthemoon
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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<p>Lovely, nice felt twas there :" hehe</P><br />
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<p>sun is the heart of life ~ you ever heard the male hummingbird when he flies straight up in the air? dives down to impress his so called mate"lol lucky lady bird) :) their wings make a noise like buzzing or chirp sound! tis the wind in their wings...</P><br />
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cool! thats very nice!

Nicely written...kinda poetic...*me like* =)

I do feel natures smile sometimes - I hope everybody has at least one moment of oneness with nature