Boy Do I!!!!

I can not get over the reaction of have to your voice - to you just saying "hi" - just the right amount of roughness; so male and, to me, sexy.  I have told you countless times that I literally have an internal reaction to hearing you speak - over the phone the reaction is strong, but I quickly found out that in person, my physical and emotional reaction is unbelievable!

Who knew that a voice could have such power over me?!  And the trouble is, you know it - I'm no good at hiding it - and you use it to your advantage time and time again - NO FAIR!!  

I can't help but love it that your voice can do those things to me... it's just another reason that I am totally hooked.
DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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6 Responses Feb 28, 2011

Mahal - what he says.... well.... hmmmmm.... I'm not sure I should divulge his secret weapon or weapons - they are pretty powerful but in a deceptive way - they seem like such innocent, innocuous words, but when he says them.... ahem... where was I?!<br />
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Oh, yeah, shoes... is that what we were talking about?? ; )<br />
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I do like CJ's shoes, I wonder if they come in MY size! hee hee!

Angel - whatever are you talking about "ya'll" - I can't believe YOU are using THAT word - I'm the Southerner here!! ; )<br />
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And why would CJ and I get a phone booth??? Are we going to change into our Super Hero costumes - ooooohh, now there's an idea.... oops! I digress....<br />
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This person KNOWS what his voice does to me - how it weakens me - distracts me - makes me forget what I was saying or thinking - it gives him a lot of control over me!! And because he knows this, that naughty man - I think he sometimes takes advantage of it (or me - however you want to look at it!). I think I might need to invest in some ear plugs from time-to-time.<br />
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You know, now that I think about it, that voice and its power is probably a big part of why he would rather talk to me on the phone than text me!!!! Oh, I am on to him now! ; )

Really !!? Do explain !!!

He is although with the POWER he has with his voice, I believe he may need to work on channeling that to do more good than "evil" - hee hee hee hee!!

He sounds like a very sweet man !