I Play Both.....

For a bit a hated the rigour of piano practice and jumped at the chance to join the school orchestra. My scheme was I could quit piano and my mom would say no to the violin. Unfortunately, my mom was delighted and she told me I could now keep myself busy with both.

I like the evolution we've seen with so-call 'classical' instruments. Watching a trained classical muscians play rock on a violin is heady stuff.

I loved playing the orchestras and symphonies. I rarely play my violin anymore and one of these days I hope to jon and orchestra again. In the mean time, I keep my violin because I know it was hard for my mom to pay for it; it is a tribute to her.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I have conducted the NY Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, and a host of other orchestras... in the privacy of my own bedroom. My musical career began like most people's in the '60s--violin in 4th grade. Beginning of 5th grade, the music teacher moved me to the 6th grade seat. Near the end of the 5th grade year, started "fiddling" with the school's viola--loved the challenge of the harmony part, and loved the expansion of my musical knowledge.

So I borrowed school's viola. Kept it under my bed, thinking it was the safest place. It was--until my big brother (who was five years younger than I) decided to use it as a trampoline. My musical career was crushed between the viola's "f" holes.

Oh, well. I still enjoy pretending I can sing, and enjoy a good Latin requiem or mass any day (even though I am a Baptist).

So enjoy your musical skills. They help you be spontaneous. They help you express who you are. I wish I could. Sigh.

I played a violin briefly in School..;) Then the electric guitar..;)