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Why I Love South Carolina

You know people here are always asking me this question. Zonus where
are you from. Some of you may have already have either heard about us, seen us, and have lived here before. South Carolina is the name. She is also called
The Palmetto State know for those beautiful palm trees and white sands.
This place is home to well known celebs such as Wheel Of Fortunes,
Vanna White, Nancy O Dell, Jesse Jackson,  James Brown, Strom Thurmond, Thurgood Marshall, and of course Mark Sanford and Republican juggernaut Nikki Haley. Those are only a few. But the energy
is high, and the atmosphere laid back. She boasts businesses like BMW and Boeing, and the infamous Amazon. There is about 4.8 million inhabitants
here overall and it is still growing and fast. So if you can, please take the time to visit us mainly during the Summer or Spring season, which I think are the best
for any visitor abroad. They adore Charleston, Hilton Head Island, Seabrook Island, Pawleys Island, Daufuskie Island, and one of my favorites, Greenville SC. You will see that there is a very diverse, multi-cultured,
hedonistic, magical, high energy, flambouyant vibe in this state for sure.
And then you realize why I call this place home. See link  in the comments below....
What do you think.
zonus zonus 31-35, M 11 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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I love the south too, never been there. I'm from North Carolina. I love how friendly and laid back it is there too. I love the fireflies, or lightening bugs in the evenings. I miss some of the wild life there, but I don't miss the freezing cold in the winters!

Fave state to drive thru/stay over on my way to Florida in the summers.

My my, there must be something really special about South Carolina. You're only (counting.....) SC person on EP I know. :D

I know about 7 or 8 of them here. But I am sure there are more................

Oh yeah.....South of the Border too....
Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank; is from Dillon.

James Brown is from Beech Island SC. And Vanna White is from Myrtle, too.
So many celebs from here. Dont forget about Leeza Gibbons. =)

very conservative and christian oriented. I like that.
Don't forget Myrtle Beach and Beaufort.

Yes, the video is about Myrtle Beach. Beaufort is home of Paris Island, a military base down South.

I was born on Camp Lejuenes navy base in N.C. Still don't think I ever spell that right?!

you are a good looking woman, you don't need to know how to spell

Ha! Nice of you to say. : )

it also has a very pretty historical area

Yes, I REALLY love walking through the old grave yards. They are so different than any I've ever seen before.

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Thanks Soul. =)

Great state.

I think this is a very honest and heartfelt post about your state, Zonus. I like your spirit a lot. People where I live are always talking about going to South Carolina, and most wind up staying. It must have something people like cuz I hear it's great!

Nice post, man. Enticing too.

Thanks. =)

Is the cost of living high? I recall that it may be...

If you are in certain parts of the coast, like Carolina Forest or those lavish neighborhoods in Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Then the answer is yes.
Otherwise, the cost of living here is very cheap and affordable for most. =)

Sounds nice...


Looks so beautiful! I would probably love the community...

Oh you would. There are thousands of people here from places such as Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, California, DC, Virginia, and more.....

My father was from Virginia.