Pictures In The Steamroom

I was in the steam room the other day late in the afternoon and had it totally to myself for about 20 minutes. Since the locker room was empty, I was able to sit fully nude in the steam. It was fantastic! I was wondering, though, if anyone had any experience taking self-portraits in a steam room. I was thinking of sneaking in my camera, taking some, and posting here. Suggestions?

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7 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Any steam rooms I have been in every guy is nude.

That would be cool Dan to see some pics of you in the steam room. It is nice to be able to go there and be relaxed and nude. Hope you take some pics soon and enjoy yourself as well.

Probably have to use a camera that's for under water shots I would think?

If you have a private sauna it would be better... The steam room may mess up the camera....

Shucks, by the title of this story I thought you had taken some and were sharing them.... Pix sulks... ;-(

Like to see them, but I agree with the above, don,t waste an opportunity!

Just enjoy the moment if you become bored....take things in hand!!