The Romantic Tryst Of Summer

During my college years in 2009, I decided to enroll a summer class in our university. I only got 12 units, so I did extra activities like joining an organization that conducts summer games for the students. After my class in the afternoon I went to the campus field and bring my guitar with me. There, the group will sing, play outdoor games and share some stories.
On my first attend, my attention was caught by a pretty girl, she has a very stunning posture, chinky eyes & cute smile. Her hair was black, which tells me that she has an asian decent. Throughout the summer I've got a crush on her, but the moment I told it to my colleagues, they opposed me. They keep on insisting that she's not my type. They even started dictating her flaws, still she's my ultimate crush. In our campus, band members like us seems like the coolest guys, even though personally we're not. We don't interact with college girls that much & I did not dated anyone of them.
Every passing day of that summer, I grew more excited to see her. I did my best to let her notice me but she was somewhat ignoring me. I was thinking that I'm not her type, so I decided not to pursue her anymore, because the more I do, the more I get hurt.
Days passed until the end at last, our leader decided to lit a bonfire while we are sharing our testimonials. It is also our chance to thank everyone. On my turn, I glanced at her for the last time. I want to tell her that I like her but I was speechless. I felt like I don't deserve her so I decided to sing a song of love secretly dedicated to her. as I finish the song I saw her smiling at me. I was charmed that I wanted that night to never end. Deep inside me, i wanted to hold her hands & treasure her smile. I hope that someday I will be able to talk to her & meet her personally. We never had a formal conversation not even Hi! or Hello! I just know her name, & keep on waiting for her to show up, it seems that I'm her stalker... As I look at it now, it can still make me smile... it was fun... it makes me agree that once I was enticed by the romantic tryst of summer...
darkrosealterego darkrosealterego
18-21, M
Dec 10, 2012