New Days

I love watching the sunrise! It is one thing that I know I can always experience. No matter how horrible my day is I know that the sun WILL rise again and that is sometimes , when everything else isnt for sure and nothing is going my way, it's the only thing i can count on. Because I know it will always be there. When I have nothing left I can just think about it. It helps me go on with my life. My life is never that bad if I can see that sunrise every morning, it is ever changing and always beautiful. How can you not respect something SO beautiful and it seems as if it is always looks hand painted.

narsonratwo narsonratwo
2 Responses Mar 30, 2008

Ich liebe meine kleine Schwester! Gute Arbeit.

so much in this world is *breath-taking* and we have all but forgotten how to see the beauty that surrounds us everyday. isn't it funny how many days we can go without seeing the sunrise? it is like we don't even remember that this beautiful miraculous thing happens every day...we just wake up and go about our lives in oblivion. i am guilty of that. but i am glad you reminded me...i need to connect to the world in that way again.<br />
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hell, i realized just now that that inspired me to write a scene for a story that has been progressing painfully slowly. now i have two things to thank you for!