English Winter Sunrise

I work very early in the morning and so I am fortunate enough to see some amazingly beautiful sunrises.

Yesterday I watched the sun rise over an old town in Dorset. There was a very slight fog at first and chimneys were smoking as i watched from the top floor of the hospital I worked in. There had been a frost in the night and the white roofs were gleaming as the sun finally broke into the windows.

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5 Responses Jan 22, 2009

Hello Emma,
I note you wrote the above over 5 years ago. But I wonder if you are still around ?
I am not a million miles from you, living between Gloucester and Chepstow.
Yes, sunrise and sunset can be magical. For us, it rises over the Cotswolds 6 miles away, across the Severn.

I should love to hear back, if yo are still around.
Peter xx

that sounds so glorius it does!

that sounds so glorius it does!

Thankyou Levin. I have been reading some of your stories and find you to be a funny-crazy character which I absolutely love. Keep it up. :P

Beautiful - I saw the same sunrise (in my mind, with your words.) Thank you for a beautiful post.