Taste Of Brest Milk- First Experience

I am an artist ( tabla player) when I was 21 years of age, I was going to Jabalpore along with a group of Cultural Artists for a program. The troup was of both males and females( dancers ). While we were traveling in the train, at around 12.45 PM ( in the night) , I woke up for going to urinals and after finishing, I was returning to my berth, at that time one lady member ( age aprox. 30 years) also came to the lavatory side and smiled at me. She picked up a conversation with me, as we have not met earlier, she introduced herself and i also did so. slowly, she became close to me and exchanged lot of personal experiences etc. She stated that she is married and has 6 month old baby &, left him at her place under the care of her parents as she is going to the program. Innocently , I asked her what will it do for feeding, she smiled and kept quite. the train was going at full speed and all the passengers in the entire compartment were fast sleeping.

We were the two alone chatting at the corner of lavatory . After some gap, she replied that she is breast feeding the baby and now it will be feed with powder milk during her absence. I could see wet patches on her her blouse, around the nipple area and she was not wearing any bra inside. I was staring at the sight, and she understood and explained that she is oozing milk from her nipples. We became so closer that she unhesitatingly told that her breast is full and that she had come to squeeze it out in the sink. Then , I took bold and asked her if I can suck and drink her milk. She smiled and taken me in to the lavatory and closed the doors. She unbuttoned her blouse and her milk filled breasts, with erect pink nipples were dangling. I put my mouth on the left breast and started sucking her nipples like a hungry baby. Her sweet milk started gushing into my mouth as I was sucking her . She was moaning with pleasure and relief. After emptying her left breast I changed over to her right breast and emptied it in about 20 minutes. She was still having milk coming out. She requested to finish, as she is now relieved of heaviness and also that some body may notice. My penis became like a rod in the process, which she also noticed but we did not attempt any sexual activity out of modesty. She washed her nipples, and after *******, went and slept in her berth. From the next day we became very close and I had secretly nursed here once or twice during out stay of 4 days at Jabalpore . This was my first experience ( as an adult ) to suck breast milk of a lady.
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nice one... wish that lady was me ;)