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I Gave My Dad's Friend A Blow Job Today

I have been teasing a friend of my dad's since I can remember. He has always called me little girl and I knew he always wanted me. Today I was on EP chatting with a friend and so in the mood. I went to take a shower to spend the rest of my day/evening on EP. I had just dried off and my door bell starts ringing errrr I was sure it was my sister so I put on a pair of shorts oh so skimpy and a t-shirt with no bra. I went to the door and my dad's friend was there who I greeted with a hug and invited him in. I got us a drink and had the normal chit chat when I got my toenail polish and put my foot on the table to polish my toenails as we talked. I had my legs spread giving him a wonderful view and watched his eyes staring at my crotch. When I finished I put my other foot up on the table and asked if they looked alright? He started rubbing my calves telling me they were perfect as I let my legs drift apart he was rubbing around my knees when I put my feet down trying to act as if nothing happen. I got up to get us another drink my nipples pushing thru my shirt. When I went to his side of the table to give him his drink I pushed an ice cube out as I handed it to him. I turned around to pick it up letting it slip from my hand as his hand started rubbing my *** as I pushed it closer to him, I finally grabbed the ice cube turning to face him with my pants unbuttoned and half unzipped. He started to rub my ***** and I instantly pulled up my shirt to let him have my breast. He took my nipple into his mouth and I reached down pushing my shorts to the floor letting his fingers have their way with my *****. I was getting so turned on and I told him I know what you need as I got him to stand up and get him out of his pants to only see this small little ****. I thought well I have gone this far might as well finish. I took him in my mouth swirling my tounge around his **** feeling it grow in my mouth as I started sliding my lips up and down it it kept growing thicker and longer to where soon my mouth was stretched around his thick **** trying to take it all in my mouth. The head was swollen as my lips slide over it and about halfway down his shaft. His moans got louder and I sucked harder til he finally exploded this river of hot thick *** in my mouth swallowing what I could as it dripped down his shaft I took him out of my mouth and licked all his hot *** fron his balls and that thick beautiful shaft. I cleaned him up as he put back on his pants and I put my back on and my shirt back over my breast. He told me he has been wanting that for about 15 years now and finally at 65 got it. I told him keep it our little secert and you can get more. We had another drink and he left not telling him but he left me so wet I had to ********** right after he left.....
Tamtam12 Tamtam12 31-35, F 152 Responses Mar 23, 2012

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Very sexy - he's one lucky gentleman...

Great story!

Such a hot story

You are amazing!

Very Hot story!


I'd love to chat with you sometime

Hot.wht a friend

Good Girl xx

This sounds like what happened to me last yr, when a young daughter of a close friend came to visit when she was home from college for the summer.

That was soooooo nice of you! That is better than winning the lottery. Too bad he didn't take care of your throbbing wet ***** for you! Did he *** back the next day? Ha!

I love what you did your a good girl

worked for me! add me?

what a good little girl to give such a wonderful gift to a older man....sounded very hot :-)

Nice, but didn't he reciprocate?

wonderful story

beautiful and erotic and hot story, it made me wish it was me, hmmmm

hope next time you will have him *** inside your ****

do me now!!

sooo hot!!

That's insanely hot!!!

Wow......I have had the same feelings about a friends daughter for years, I'm sure I will never be as lucky!!

you little temptress! I wish I ad your father as my friend, the benefits seem extraordinary.


So wonderful
Fantasy or reality

Mmmm.....sounds like you really know how to take care of your dad's friends. To bad he didn't take care of your needs as well.

Awesome story he must have felt it was worth waiting all that time

You like older men. My kind of women!

That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me....

You are so dirty ;)