Sweet Nectar Of The Gods

We are together again...she is the first woman I have ever been with...its been so long since I seen her, touched her...this morning we have some time.
She's laying on the bed naked...
She is so lovely. Her beautiful face, her smile, full lips,hard nipples, magnificent breasts. I'm climbing on the bed now I'm moving on top of her, my wet mound so close to hers. I gently spread her legs and move closer, my wetness now blending with hers. My hand, moves between our touching mounds of love, massaging her gently, I remove my hand and our bodies move together...
I'm already exploding over and over again...she is so warm, her rythem matching mine. Her hand moves downward between us, stroking, probing me inside and out exploring each fold, it feels so good, ..I want to scream out in pleasure.I'm coming over and over again...I feel her body tremble beneath me. I kiss her breasts, her erect nipples, my tongue circling each... I want all of her, every square inch of her...
I brush her lips with mine, I linger on her soft beautiful throat, her head leans back yielding more of her throat to me ...our volcanos of love are so close to exploding together...I can feel it coming...she screams now..."Oh God...oh God..." She is coming now...I feel her hot, sweet love juice surging upward meeting mine...I can almost taste it up in my throat. Our bodies tremble as we come together...
I'm moving slower now, I move downward on her, kissing, licking, her nipples, her breasts, her stomach...inside her thighs, my face moves down into her wetness seeking her taste, my mouth, my lips licking, sucking each fold...I'm hungrily drinking each remaining drop, my hot tongue probing inside for more of her
"No more...no more, please...I can't come anymore..." she whispers. I continue for a couple more minutes tasting the remaing drops of our combined juices, now I release her.
.She is laying very still looking at me smiling. She rolls on her side toward me, her soft hand, her long fingers reaching downward into my womanhood.
I lay very still, she moves toward me...I know...I understand...she is now seeking the warm sweetness that I have tasted.
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Very erotic!