My Very Frist Taste Of A Women

theres just something about the scent & the taste of a women that i think at times could drive us guys simplely crazy. from the min. you take her panties or thongs off her ,mmmmmmmmmmmmm omgggggggg & then as she lays back on some pillows & ever so slowlyy opens her smooth creamy thigts & just the min.the tip of ur pointed tongue touch's her **** , mmmmmmmmmm allll thats goin thru your mind is how much more of that is inside of her :) & how do i get it allll out :P ,i had been working for the city of richmond & was 19 & this older guy was braggin about just how good they tasted & i thought wowwwwww think thats what i'll do to my g/f to nite :) & so when i went over to see her ,we got to playin & pettin hot & heavy & then the panties came off & boy did i everr do me some puff diving :P ,was i ever hooked & to be tottally honest with you :) here i;am 62 & stilll can't seem to get enuff :) 
bannaman714 bannaman714
61-65, M
Dec 11, 2012