Wife Undresses In Front Of Doctor And Me

My neighbor is a doctor who my wife visits for annual physicals and general issues; not a gynecologist, just a family doctor or internist. As neighbors, we know him fairly well, and see him in non professional settings---on the weekends, walking the dog, at neighborhood meetings and parties. His name is Stan.

My wife had an appointment with Dr. Stan one week, for her physical. I was aware of this, and didn't even think of trying to go with her, even though she had told me that at her prior appointments she undressed for him and appreciated the extra time he gave her.

Dr. Stan's office is not nearby, and is in a part of town we seldom visit, so my wife suggested that I take her and then after her exam we could go to a shop in that area that she was curious about. She didn't want to go by herself because she feared getting lost.

The day arrived and we drove to Dr. Stan's office. It was a pretty small office--just him and one other doctor. An older lady receptionist received us, and we sat in the waiting room. There was a woman sitting there, and a mother and son. A nurse came out and called the mother's name, and she got up. Her son got up too, but the nurse asked him to wait in the waiting room. They went to the first waiting room, in a hallway parallel to the exam room, the mom calling back, "I'll be just a few minutes."

After a minute, the nurse came out of the exam room, and as she opened the door those of us in the waiting room could catch a brief glimpse of the mom, unclasping her bra. The door shut and that was it, but I was surprised that the exam room was positioned so that it was fairly easy to see in. Dr. Stan walked down the hall and paused to look at a chart, and then knocked and entered. It was clear that she was sitting on the bench, naked, at least from the waist up, because there was a flash of skin, but again it happened so quickly and she was not facing toward us, so that it was hard to tell what you saw. That, and I didn't want to seem to be trying to look in....

After about five minutes, Dr. Stan opened the door to leave, but we couldn't see in. He said, "once you're dressed, see Mary for a scrip," referring to the nurse. Meanwhile, the receptionist called my wife, and Dr. Stan saw her and I. He came over and shook my hand and patted my wife on the shoulder. The receptionist directed us back to a second exam room, this one down a short perpendicular hall and not visible from the waiting room.

Dr. Stan and we walked back, and my wife entered the exam room. The receptionist said to my wife, "So, you're here for a physical, so the doctor will need to see you naked. Everything off, if you will." She turned to me and said, "You can wait in the waiting room," and I nodded, and she went back to the front desk, with Dr. Stan calling after her, "ask Mary to come down when she's finished." But I didn't leave immediately, because Dr. Stan started talking to me about a neighbor that was moving out down our street. We stood at the open exam room door, talking, while my wife undressed but was attentive to our conversation. Dr. Stan said, "We'll let you get undressed," and motioned for us to move away, but my wife said, "No, that's fine, I want to hear this [our conversation]."

We started talking again, and she sat on a chair and took off her shoes and socks, and then stood and pulled off her sweater, folding it and laying it on a chair. She then unzipped her pants and pulled them down and off, stacking it with her sweater. She stood in bra and panties and interjected something into our conversation, and we laughed, Dr. Stan looking at her fairly naturally but I was starting to freak out that my wife was standing in her underwear in front of our neighbor/doctor.

My wife added to the conversation while she unfastened and lowered her bra, Dr. Stan and I looking at her. Dr. Stan made a comment on the story, as she then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, her breasts swaying as she bent over to take them. It was a funny story, and we laughed a bit, but again, I was amazed that she was standing there nude in front of us without any embarrassment.

Dr. Stan motioned me to the waiting room and said, "We should be done in 15 minutes, just have a seat," as Mary approached. She was there to do the weight, blood pressure, etc., and I walked back and sat down in a waiting room chair and Dr. Stan stopped to pick up a chart at the reception.

After a few minutes, Mary came out and Dr. Stan went into my wife's exam room. I could just imagine what he was looking at and touching, and marvelled how my wife could so easily adapt to a medical situation. After ten minutes or so, Dr. Stan opened the door and walked down to the other exam room. A few minutes later my wife came out, dressed, and we went to the receptionist to pay the copay. Dr. Stan walked by and patted me on the shoulder -- "Hey, thanks for coming in, everything looks fine---good to see you again." We chit chatted a minute, and then left.

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I think it be more exciting to stay and watch the exam.

That is terrible. I would never leave my wife alone. My wife always wants me to go with her to her appointments. In Italy, a woman never gets compeletly undressed. Only undressed to what is being examined, and the there is usually a gown. I guess women in rural italy are more modest than in the U.S.

Was there a point to this story?

Nice story. Thank you.

Well done. I find variations of this situation endlessly facinating. The normally modest woman undressing casually in front of a man other than her husband. The husband left outside while the doctor sees his naked wife. The reversal of roles here is terrifically erotic.