I Was Present When My Wife Had To Undress To Her Underwear For An Orthopaedic Examination

Of all the times my wife has been examined by a doctor, only once have I been present and I will relate that experience now. She had been having problems with tendons in her left shoulder, so her GP referred her to a private orthopaedic specialist through her medical insurance. I drove her to his private house where he had his surgery, expecting to wait in the waiting room (as I usually did if I ever accompanied her to the doctor's) whilst she was with the consultant, and then drive her back home. When we arrived the receptionist showed us into the waiting room and said that he wouldn't be long. After a few minutes, the consultant came into the waiting room. He was a jolly little man in his 50s and introduced himself, smiling broadly. He was smartly dressed in a pin stripe suit. He told my wife to accompany him and said "Is hubby going to come too?" We were both a bit surprised at his question as it had never happened before. I said "Well, I suppose I could ……….." My wife remembers thinking ‘well it’s only my shoulder’ and still a bit taken aback said "I’m not sure, er, if you think so …….." "Come on", he said, "The more the merrier, this way". We followed him into the examination room and I began to get the impression he was just mildly eccentric.

When we got into the examination room (which was really a sitting room with an examination table and desk in it) he told me to sit on a chair in the corner and my wife sat on the chair by his desk whilst he sat opposite. He asked her questions about the history of the problem and then said, "Right, I’m just going to pop out for a moment whilst you get undressed and I will be back shortly". "Er – undressed?" said my wife. "Yes, just leave your underwear on I will return soon" he said as he went out of the door. When he had shut the door, my wife hissed at me "Down to my underwear? I thought I might have to take my blouse off, but why my trousers too? I wouldn’t have had you come in here if I had known! I have only got a thong on under here". Not being aware of the examination procedure, my wife had decided to wear a trouser suit and in order not to have a visible panty line showing through the trousers, she had put on a thong under her pantyhose, which I was not aware of until she said. She had had no idea she would have to take off her trousers. She began to undress, starting with her jacket. This is the trouser suit she was wearing:

I am not quite sure how I felt as she undressed in these circumstances as it was completely a new experience for me, but I enjoyed watching her as she gradually ******** down to her undies. I didn’t really want the doctor to see her in a skimpy thong, but at the same time I felt quite excited, though I didn’t tell her. By the time she had taken off her jacket, blouse, shoes and trousers, I found myself becoming erect.  "Stop staring at me like that!" she said as she could see me watching her undress.  Eventually she was standing there in just her bra, pantyhose and thong. It was at this point that I noticed the thong she had chosen to wear was the briefest of string ones with virtually no back to it at all, just the thin string which hid nothing. "He’ll be able to see my bottom!" she whispered loudly. I said, "Well, he is a doctor, it won’t be anything new to him", trying to play down the situation. "Anyway, it was your choice", I reminded her. "Yes, but I didn't know this would happen", she retorted. "I just wanted to avoid any panty line through my trousers, which I had no idea I would have to take off. I don't want another man to see me like this, especially with you here. I'm really sorry, how will you feel when he comes back? Would you prefer to wait in the waiting room?" "I'm not sure" I replied and remembered having a strange sort of nervous sensation in my stomach. "Would you like me to leave?" I asked. "I think it might be best. I don't want you to see me examined like this. Please, I would rather you went back to the waiting room before he comes back and examines me." This is how she looked when she was ready for the doctor:

Before I could leave, the door sprang opened and the doctor came hurrying in. He completely ignored me and I saw him looking at my wife. "Well, you have a nice trim figure" he said, "Now let’s see what we can do for you". I am not sure I appreciated the comment about her figure but I told myself he meant it from an orthopaedic point of view. "I think my wife would prefer it if I went to the waiting room", I said standing up. "Just sit down", he said, "I can't imagine why. It won't take long. Anyway, she is undressed and ready to start now". I did as he said. "Come over to me", he said to my wife and she walked nervously towards him as I watched her buttocks rising and falling alternately. He then started to examine her shoulder, lifting her arm up and down and moving it in various directions, some of which my wife found quite painful. He felt all over both her shoulders and then said "Just slip your bra off for a moment, I need to examine you without the straps in the way". I could tell my wife was gob-smacked and she gave me a nasty sideways scowl which the consultant did not see. She hesitated slightly and he said "Come along now, I am sure hubby has seen it all before! Anyway, I am sure he won’t mind, just slip it off and put it with your other clothes". He then said with a slight chuckle, "You don't mind do you, hubby?"  "Er, no" was all I could manage to reply. He then jokingly addressed my wife in a rather assertive manner, saying, "There you are, I told you so. We have his permission so let's have you ******** to the waist, as they say! You can put it on again soon if you feel shy in front of hubby, so don't worry." I watched as she reluctantly took off her bra, fully revealing her breasts. She placed it with her other clothes and stood there virtually naked as he continued with the shoulder examination. "Hands on your head!", he ordered. I did wonder if it was totally necessary for her to remove her bra, but told myself (maybe somewhat naively) that he wouldn’t do anything improper with me present too. Anyway, I loved watching her standing there with the doctor completely topless. I couldn't help but gaze at her nipples, fully on view.  Here is how she looked:


He then said he would do a general orthopaedic examination and he progressed to the rest of her back and down felt down each side of her body. He told her to touch her toes whilst he felt her lower back, and then stand up straight again. He got her to do this twice and I could see him feeling around the top of her thong as she did so. Her breasts fell forward each time she bent forward to touch her toes. The consultant was behind her at this stage and I knew he would be able to see her bare bottom through the sheer pantyhose, but I could clearly observe her breasts from where I was. I know my wife felt acutely embarrassed and avoided looking at me. "This time, stand with your feet apart and repeat the movement" he said. She opened her legs and touched her toes again as he felt her. He must have been able to see right between her legs as she did so, and I wished I could too. "A little wider please" he said and she had to do it again, fully spread, which I found particularly exciting, as he would also have been able to see her breasts hanging down through her wide open legs.

"Now, walk across the room and back whilst I observe your gait. Just walk normally, over to hubby, then turn and walk back towards me". She did as he said and I watched her breasts swaying slightly as she walked towards me. When she turned and walked back, I was very much aware that the doctor could see them too. I had a full erection now! "Do that again and swing your arms a little higher" he said. This caused her breasts to move even more. The examination room wasn’t really warm and I noticed her nipples had become erect. This also may have been due to her arms occasionally catching them. I hoped it wasn’t for any other reason! I watched the motion of her bare buttocks through the shiny hose as she walked back towards the doctor and knew he would have been able to see them too when she came towards me. I could see him perusing all of her body.

"I think you might prefer to put your bra back on. You can do so now. Then take your tights off and lie on the couch on your tummy please", he said. She did as he said. I thought that she could have put her bra back on a little sooner, before she had to bend over and walk around, but what could I say? I watched her slip out of her pantyhose, peeling them down her legs. The doctor stood and looked too, which I didn’t think was really appropriate. She then climbed onto the couch and laid on her front, her nice firm buttocks uppermost. "I am going to check your sciatic nerve" he said "So you'll feel my hands on your bottom". He then felt all over her now truly bare buttocks. His hands pressed and prodded them, making them wobble, "It's good you are not wearing knickers", he said, "Because we would have had to pull them down for this bit!" I think this was little consolation for my wife. I found it amazing to watch. I tried not to make it too obvious I was looking, but he was ignoring me anyway, concentrating on her buttocks. "Open your legs", he said and proceeded to feel methodically all the way down them from her outer and inner thighs to her ankles and bare feet. Seeing her lying there in her thong with her legs open, being felt quite intimately by a stranger, was absolutely wonderful. The thong was semi-sheer and didn't cover the sides of her lips. Her anal opening was quite obvious too as the string was so thin. My wife had her face turned away from me, so I couldn't see her expression, but she told me afterwards that although she realised how revealing the thong was, this part of the examination actually felt quite nice, especially as she was beginning to relax more too, getting used to being almost bare for the doctor. She said it was a bit like having a massage on her buttocks and thighs and that his hands were soft but firm. I did notice her wriggle very slightly as he felt her rather intimately.

"Turn over for me please", he said eventually. "I am going to check your leg movements". The front of the thong was sheer and didn't cover the sides of her pubis. It could be seen quite clearly that she was fully shaved. He took hold of each leg in turn, lifted it up, bent the knee, moved it out and to the side and put it down again. "Hands by your sides, legs straight and lift your feet 6 inches off the couch", he instructed. She did so which made her back arch slightly and he slipped his hands round under her lower back. "And down, and up again" he said. "Nearly finished", he said, "Just lift your legs in the air to an angle of 90 degrees with your body". I saw the gusset of her thong appear between her buttocks as her legs came right up. I could see the outline of her lips under the gussett and then the string disappeared between her bare buttocks. "And again", he said, so she raised and lowered again for him.

He then went round to the foot of the table and stood facing her. "Lift your legs again", he said. "Keep them up and open them as far as you can to the sides". This was too much for me. I don’t know how I managed to contain myself! She raised her legs and opened them, the sides of her lips becoming exposed owing to the narrow gussett of the thong, and the remainder of her womanhood could be seen through the sheer material anyway.  It was just as if she was about to make love! "Is this what you mean, doctor?" she asked. He bent forward over her right between her legs, putting his hands on her bare hips and said  "Wider if you can please", and  I watched as she strained to do so, the thong now slipping between her labia, revealing her genitals, perineum and anus more intimately as she managed to open her legs incredibly wide. This made her a little breathless, so she began to breath quite quickly and I could see her grimacing with the effort.  "And close" he said as he stood back to allow her to close them. "And open again. As wide as you can for me. Good girl". He placed his hands between her inner thighs and pushed outwards, assisting her to spread even wider. "Ahh!" she uttered as she felt the strain. "Sorry, just once more" he said, forcing her legs wider as she caught her breath. Then to my surprise (and the doctor's) she suddenly burst out laughing. "I can't open any wider, doctor" she laughed, "Otherwise I think I will split!" "Very well my dear", he said with a chuckle, "That's all for now. I am pleased you appear to be more relaxed". At this point I recall thinking that she might as well not have been wearing the thong at all as I looked between her legs with everything on show". She told me later that she had laughed partly through nervous embarrassment and also because she just saw the funny side of the situation with this middle aged stranger bending over her pushing her legs apart, so she decided to make light of it rather than worry about it.

He then told her to get dressed and she was very relieved to do so. He said she was fine apart from the shoulder and referred her for physiotherapy. "You will come back to me for a check up after the physiotherapy" he informed her. "You are a delight, it has been a pleasure to meet you". Although it may have sounded longer, the whole examination probablly lasted only 10 to 12 minutes. Although I have never had such an experience before or after (my wife insisted that she went into the room on her own for the post physio check up, which I found rather disappointing), it is firmly imprinted on my mind!



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I really like this story. It is total my flavor. MILF was examined with pantyhose on. Really good! Hope you can post more similar experience.

Wow. That was one of the hottest stories I've ever read. A true dream come true for you I think :) If she comes around to him, I think perhaps she should let out some deep breaths, give some signs that she likes it and see where this can go!! Amazing

Incredible story, so erotic!

My wife has been examined (nude) several times, by several different doctors. I have never been present, but love hearing about how they examined her and how they told her to get naked.

I have only been present once, when male doctor examined her breasts and that was really exciting for me.

Thanks for sharing and I would love to hear more.

Thanks for your comment. I see you like your wife to be examined nude. We have much in common!

My wife had an examination of the back with a female doctor (no ulterior motives). Believe it or not, she also had to ***** down to her panties and take off her bra. She also had to walk back and forth and bend over and touch her toes. There was a male nurse present (not my choice, obviously) but he wasn't making any of the decisions. The female doctor was in charge. Of course my wife did not have on sheer panties and spread her legs wide for the doctor to get a real good look. So there was a point where your doctor (and your wife!) went beyond normal (to everybody's enjoyment, apparently, so more power to you!)

I once had a similar occurrence in which I accompanied my wife to an examination by a plastic surgeon to determine whether she was a candidate for a tummy tuck. He instructed her to "undress to your panties and sit on the edge of the exam table." She had worn beige pantyhose that day without panties over or under. He had her stand nude toner hose and hold her arms over her head as he sat on a stool in front of her and peeled her hose down over her bush to examine her tummy.

Thank you for sharing that. I will write about my wife's follow-up exam when I have time.

That is a really good experience. I really like women being examined with pantyhose. It is good if you can tell more detail about it.

I see that you said she had to undress again when she had her return visit. Can you tell us more about that please? Thanks in advance.

Great story. Pictures are wonderful

Yes, she did have a follow-up appointment and had to undress again

Great story. Loved it. Got a ***** reading it. Did she go to him again after physiotherapy?

Sounds as if the doctor had other motives than to merely investigate a shoulder injury. Making her spread her legs to show genitals must have been a real turn-on for both him and you.

Well, it certainly was for me!! Thanks for the comment.

Nice story, thank you.