My Real Life Experience - On A Crowded Train With Men All Around!! Xxx

I'm a beautiful bubbly blonde. My breast size is 32-B *bra* .I have an excellent figure and legs that every woman would love to have!
At present, I'm living in Greece since 2 years.
Here's my experience on a local train there-
It was my 10th day probably in Greece, it was the month of July - and it was too hot there. I was out for shopping. As the heat was unbearable I tried to wear minimum clothes - A comfortable half top (without bra-I tell you it was too too hot) and a miniskirt (15cms long) and netted tights (my faves) . I boarded a crowded train. I could see men all around me - most of them were youngsters (age - 23 to 25 probably) and there were a few women (nearly 15). The train was so overcrowded that I was completely sweating and not even able to move an inch I
Iooked around and found that I was surrounded by a group of 7 young boys of my age ,they all looked cute. I felt my body pressing against theirs ,I thought it was natural. 10 mins later I fell a large hand on my things and then I felt 2 ,I started feeling a bit uncomfortable but excited .Then 2 more hands felt my A-S---S under my skirt ,i tried to take them off ,but it was impossible. There was a horny young boy standing before me ,now and then he was kissing me on my lips and he was cute so I kissed him back. He became more free and started feeling my boobies of course he didn't raise my top! Then I could feel another hand tickling my--- you know what. I slowly felt my skirt being pulled off. My transparent white knickers were exposed to all. I could feel many hands down there . The the horny guy slowly removed off my top exposing my ------ to the crowd . The 7 guys started plying with my body as they liked (the didnt remove my panty) . One sucked my nipple(right side) on just played with it and many other passengers gathered to take my photos. I was being kissed anywhere and everywhere . I loved the experience of being groped for the first time!!
HotAmore HotAmore
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012