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Being Single Is Okay, But.......

There is nothing in this world that can give me a better feeling than the touch of a woman's body next to mine. Whether it's a simple hug from an acquaintance, or the intimate sensation from a naked body.  Like all men, I have had homosexual thoughts, and I am not afraid to give a man a hug, or even a peck on the cheek to a man I love as a good friend.  But to go beyond that is definitely out of the question.  I am not a homophobic, I just don't see any joy in exchanging bodily fluids with a man.  Give me a woman every time.  I like to treat all women with the utmost respect.  Women are God's gift to men...not to own, but to love and cherish.  When I was married, I enjoyed and love the feeling of being in love with one woman.  One day, I hope to meet that special woman to give my heart to and spend the rest of my life living and loving only her....because:  "There is nothing in this world like the feel of a woman's body cuddled up next to me".  
tankster57 tankster57 66-70, M 1 Response Jul 8, 2010

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Glad to know that you feel that's true you don't own them but if u have one u'll love them to the fullest, cherish them with all ur heart, appriciate them for what they have given n done for u....last never never take them for granted..........hugs.....