So Soft...

I love that feeling. A woman pressed against me... so soft, smelling lovely, her curves right there within my grasp. Sometimes I just lie there while she sleeps, drinking in the beauty of her.
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Beautifully said. A tender, loving, trusting moment.

:-) awesome

its shame how the world turned up side down

and people would go against the nature of how god created them to be

well you might not like my comment, but everyone is free to leave his idea on your story
I think its sick for every human being to go like same sex its perverted and unnatural thing
if was normal it would've been allowed by god, even it you didnt believe in god, its till sick thing to do, imagine if whole world going that way there will no kids anymore, you might say but why whole world would be like this its unlikely thats true bu if a wrong was allowed everyone has freedom to do it so in the end what if all world would do this no more kids unless u tell me we would use men and men use women in these cases only but if god didnt know that the right circumstances for any kid to grow up in family father and mother he wouldn't created such
he would created one sex, it destructive thing for children to grow up in such environment also

I hope you wouldnt understand my comment as an insult to you but it an opinion, you are free in you life as i am free

i just wanted to express my true opinion in this matter

You have every right to your opinion, and thank you for being honest.

not necessarily but it our nature to be drawn in to the opposite sex not the same, thats how god made us and thats how he wanted us to be

besides everyone free to express his or her opinion in here. so why you are angry, or you just want to hear what you like only

god doesn't make anyone pervert nor he create gays and bisexual, dont blame your filth on god

I see this newly made cheap excuse when you ask why you are gay his reply well god made me like this

blame this filth on people who are doing it

1- if you are an atheist how did build your theory that god made gays like they are you don't believe in existent of any god, and that leaves you in trouble with what you said because if there is no god then homosexuals will be responsible for their perverted nature because no god did exists them created them like this

2- you say if god made us all then he made homosexuals too,ok i agree but according to this he will made also killers, murderers, rapists like they are or simpler than this people who like incestuous sex with their own kids their orientation would be also created since their childhood with them when god created them, so why we blame all those kind of people and despise them or put them behind bars and not blame homos

3- if god created them like why he would punish them in the end in hell??? that would be contradiction

you only ask and you don't answer me, and you only want to move in circles , here its my final answer i hope you think about it before you bubble things you even don't have any idea about

1-there is two parts

a)god exist so why and what proof you based that god created homos as they are (where is your proof) why don't same god created homos as they are didn't created other perverted things in life as they are, also why god created homos as hey are and then punishes them on their behavior ?? that would be contradiction !!!

b)god doesn't exist so who then made humans no one and then homos will be responsible on their perverted orientation

2-replusive to you!!!! and its not repulsive to same sex having sex with each other (why don't you try to ask most women and men around you and see how they repulsive they get when they ask him or her can you have sex with a man/woman) they would say yuck so the action homos do which nice to you is repulsive to most people in the world why then their opinion wouldn't count as the natural reaction of human being but this not what i want to ask about no 2 my question is if for example homosexuality is not repulsive to you then there is people incestuous sex is not repulsive to them and they enjoy it with consent of all parties participated in it so why you see them repulsive and you don't agree people see you as repulsive behavior ( hope you understood)

why you consider incestuous relationships is evil.there are also many people consider homosexuality is evil too so same thing why you should be right and them not

you talk about harm can you tell me why we get AIDS and new diseases every day from unnatural relationships, what more harms can we expect

by the way in the end you talk about love of women and how attractive they are and beautiful OK i agree but i want ask are bisexual??? do you love men ???

can you sleep with a man?? or you just get aroused like all men do when they see women with women and they make themselves liberated defending women right in such in such relationship but when you ask such men can you sleep with a man since you say its beautiful so see same sex with each other they say yuck that's disgusting ( that would be hypocrisy)
The end

Well..I believe God makes us all the same but gives us different just expressing my opinion......

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This is why I can never let myself touch a man.

I really love waking up with my woman. I love the way she feels. So soft and well femine. Over all I love her touch , her smell, and her beaufiful face.

I know my friend, it is almost as if you never want the moment to end :) !!

uhmm uhmm ... No comments :)