The Way She Feels.. Felt..

From the very first moment we met our bodies melted together as if they were always meant to be one. The draw was so intense neither on of us could breath but at the same time with that first hug, that first magnetic touch, our bodies seemed to have found their resting place against each other.  Her soft perfume, the textures of her clothing, the cold crisp December air... The way she trembled in it, though more from excitement than cold because there was so much physical heat created in that one moment that I remember being grateful that it was winter or it may have been too much to take...

That night, our first night. Cuddling on the couch together. The way her body seemed continually drawn to mine, permanently attached. She would climb onto me, into me, and I would hold her close, the wight of her body was nothing, nothing but comfort, we fit together like Pisces of a jigsaw puzzle. Evey curve fitting perfectly against the next. And I could feel her relax, letting all the wight of her world fall into me. With every breath we became closed. With every moment that passed two bodies felt more like one.... No need to make love, this was Ecstasy within itself. With her in my arms like this nothing could be better, nothing could possibly be wrong...

But Something was.
After another day of  this bliss, of discovering over and over that my hands fit perfectly on her hips when I would lean in to kiss her and her bangs made the ideal privacy curtain for just such occasions. That her breast made the perfect pillows as did mine. After  figuring out that our legs locked together perfectly at night and that sleep, for me, was unnecessary and over rated; I rather just take her all in. The feel of her hair against my cheek, Her head and hand resting on my chest. The way, even in sleep, her pelvis presses closer to mine if I caress her, Which I often do.. Here, like this, she can Finally sleep.. My one arm over her shoulders, my other arm rapped around her waist as she lays on me.. Here, like this  she is safe, she is comfortable, she is home at last she can find rest... But still on and off I can feel her breathing become shallow, she flinches, she trembles, she clings to me...
That morning when we wake up I discover why.
Still in this same position, but with her head nestled under my chin and her face hidden in my chest, folds of my shirt clenched in her fists... She tells me...
She spills her darkest secret.. She has been hurt, she has been broken, in the worst way possible... and no one knew, know one knows...
As she tels me I can feel her body tremble and she clings  to me tighter than ever before. I tighten my embrace on her too. Its the First time I see her cry. I can feel each silent sob as it flushes though her precious body. I can feel each warn tear as she lets them fall onto my skin and trickle down, dampening my shirt.  I press my lips to the top oh her head (her hair always smells so good) She reaches down and tugs her  shirt up so that my arm, lays directly on her skin. I hold her even closer still... "I'm glad you're holding me.." confesses Miss Never Let'em See You Cry, her voice and body still shaking "Please Don't ever go."

And I know I never Could...  but, after a while (long enough for me to have fallen completely in love).. She dose.
And Oh how I miss Those sleepless nights when I'm overwhelmed by the tender warmth of her body next to mine. The way her kisses taste... The way she would press back into me wen I would come up behind her in the kitchen and slip my arms under her shirt and over her tummy... I miss the way Evey part of us fit together just so.. I miss the way she smells, the way she tastes, the way she sounds when I taste her.

I want to feel her again.
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thank you, I have happily moved on and found a new and just as passionate love, though old love never dies, put pain heals into acceptance

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever read here, it made me happy and made me cry at the same time.

hi poodlelez. thank you for share that lovely story. kisses

That was so beautiful, I hope one day I will find someone that I'll feel this way for

Thank you.<br />
Nalxx, I'm sorry

Ellerico - why is that?