Heated Wanderlust... Remixed

Upon entering the door, we started making out passionately,
Our bodies yearning for more.

As we backed up to the couch, she pulled me in.
We inhaled each others scent, touched each others skin….

Absorbed each others every wandering lustful pore.
All I wanted was more.

She sat down, her face level with my waist.
I knew she was wanting  just  a  little taste.

She gently pushed my shirt up just enough to kiss my tummy
This moment felt surreal….
... I straddled her and onto each other we melted
I wanted to remember every passing second I could feel.

I remember the way my thigh looked as I swung it over her legs that night,
My thighs felt her jeans, & I wanted those jeans off.
The moment felt so right.

I went for her zipper, undid them.
and took my time as I dove my hand down,
Down her pants where I found,
And felt all that is joy.

Forever into this moment I could simply melt…..
I remember the way her left hand felt
As she went up my inner thigh into my panties....
I basked in this moment of love crazed adulteries..

And I remember her next words were, " Oh my god…. you're... so.. hot.
And in this moment I forgot,
Everything outside, for I was deep in thought..
And feeling…
 Her fall into me….

I loved it. She loved it... we moved to the bedroom.
We drank and ate of each other for what seemed like forever
 But yet was over all too soon.

This moment though long past still feels real to me
As I reminisce over this most cherished memory…

Yes, still….
I have these words and these intoxicating images in my mind
To fantasize to…. should I need to unwind.


AlyceOverTheRainbow AlyceOverTheRainbow
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11 Responses Jul 18, 2011

So beautifully described - resonates absolutely with me. *sigh*

Perfection at its best.

Mmm... Yes. She is all too perfect... Even today.

Wow. <br />
<br />
if only every day could be our 25th birthday.. :)

Hey you. Been a while. Using code now: This was about the woman who worked next to me at the bank. The one I cheated on fuckhead abuser garden boy with shortly after our engagement. BUT! I do remember the first time you went down on me. I remember you pulling up my long skirt and tasting me. ;) Skipping ahead... Then there was that time the second time we dated at my apartment with the long neck kitty wine bottle haha!!&lt;3 Never a dull moment with us. *muah*

fap fap fap

Mmmmmmmm, you have a way with words...very nice indeed, cherish those times !

Thank you hun. Mmmmmm, I like new comments on this story.... It means I read it a few times before I comment back lol..... lots of Mmmmm's there. haha



I'd be hitting rewind on this story quite a bit if I was you. I'm just sayin'... Thanks for sharing. :)

baby I rewind this moment ALL the time!

superb! i was fascinated by ur words.

Awe, thanks!

lovely :)

Thanks, your avatar rocks btw.

whew.. wonderful imagery .. thank you

;) Whew... is right.

quite... ;)

haha.. there's not an option to like that comment, so guess what?? LIKE!