The reason Wynn and I chose to live together had a lot to do with the fact that we didn't really know each other.  No messy friend-awkwardness when the electric bill is late, you  know ?  

But three months later, we were inseparable.  And three months after that, we were sneaking away from our boyfriends to spend weekends lost in each other, leaving them voicemails from airports and showing up again with new tattoos.  

When I moved out, I don't know whose heart was breaking harder.  I was down to the last of the big items, looking at my empty room and casting sad eyes over the kitchen.  The counter where I taught her how to cut a mango inside out.  The stove where we danced while we fried chicken for her sleeping boyfriend.

A lump was forming in my throat that I couldn't seem to swallow past, and my voice cracked as I tried to make flippant jokes about it not being that big a deal, really.  She stopped me, held me...  and gave me the most tender, intimate, loving kiss I have ever experienced.  Her mouth was warm and soft, and her heart was beating slow and steady, reassurance and an anchor in one.

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Similar breakup. I held her, as she held me what seemed like forever. (It was maybe, ten minutes.) I smelled her hair, felt her heart, smelled her smells and felt my legs going weak. Then I gave her a light peck, and looked in her eyes, and it was over. I don't no why it didn't work,but at least we gave it a try...<br />
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Broken-hearted, but older now, in another relationship

thank you Jenni.. I feel the same way. People get so hung up on what some action might MEAN.. who the heck cares ? If you love her, kiss her. If you think he needs a hug, squeeze him. Right ?

So tender.<br />
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We need to pay attention ti titles ... they often mean a lot.

you noticed that, did you ? * sigh * i miss her.

Oh mee tooo RascallyRabbit. Me too. Beautiful piece you wrote here. Super sweet.

Thank you sammi. it's one of my most treasured memories.

Very well written emotional piece<br />
Thank you for sharing<br />
Hugs<br />